Media Planning

What Is Media Planning?

The process of selecting the optimal combination of media outlets for advertising a particular marketing message. It involves researching, identifying, analyzing, comparing, planning, and working around a brand’s budget.

Here at Scenic, a media planner is responsible for foundational elements like…

  • Conducting Internal or External Market Research
  • Establishing Media Objectives
  • Budgeting Appropriately



Media Buying  

The complementary, secondary process by which an agency accomodates the insights, TV ratings, Readership surveys, Radio Listenership surveys and Analytics provided from the media planner and starts to seek and negotiate buying ad space or time across the pre-decided media outlets. This can be automated or done manually depending on preference, objectives, audience, budget, etc.

Media buying is the act of taking the strategy off of the text book page and handling it out into the public. To make it more clear, a media buyer is an hands on executioner of things because he /she responsible for seeing the plan through.

An inherent charisma or a tough fought skill, it is definetely A thrill to watch, and notoriously stressful to live. While media buying isn’t quite literally that dramatic, it is all about negotiations. That plus relationships.

A Scenican media buyer is responsible for…

  • Establishing Relationships
  • Negotiating & Buying, Buying, Buying
  • Monitoring & Optimizing Ad Performance

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